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Proctologist in France

The proctologist is a medical specialist who diagnoses and treats diseases related to the anus and rectum. The discipline is not a medical specialty in itself. It belongs to the branch of gastroenterology. In France, however, there are many doctors who are trained on the field. Currently, there is no better doctor who diagnoses and treats pathologies that affect the region of the anus and rectum, if not the proctologist. Unfortunately, the profession does not attract too many practitioners because of its field of study. Also, in France, this medicine is not recognized and the majority of those who decide to follow a training in the field is often gastroenterologists or digestive surgeons. Like any other course in the field of medicine, being trained in this specialty includes theoretical courses, but also practical courses that are mandatory for the mastery of different techniques. To become a proctologist, the candidate must obtain a diploma of specialized studies (DES) in hepato-gastroenterology.

They therefore are held after their baccalaureate to pass the stage of the first year common to health studies PACES. It should be noted here that only 20% of students manage to cross this course. For the continuation of the training at the end of the 6th year, the students are confronted with the national classifying tests in order to reach the boarding school. They can then choose according to their classification their specialty as well as their place of exercise. It should be noted that the internship in hepato-gastroenterology takes a duration of 4 years. After these different formations, the aspirant to this body will pursue for a period of one year the improvement in proctology. This program can cost between 650 to 1000 euros. But this cost varies according to the institution to which the student addresses himself. The path to becoming a proctologist takes into account different topics namely:

  • Diagnosis of hemorrhoid disease
  • The study of precancerous lesions of the anus.
  • Crohn’s disease.

Proctology in France – What is it?

Proctology is the medical specialty dedicated to the pathologies of the anus and rectum. It is a subspecialty of gastroenterology or visceral surgery. It is estimated that the management of anal diseases represents about 20% of the activities of gastroenterologists.

Most often, the proctologist is consulted for:

  • Rectal bleeding (rectorrhagia);
  • Pain in the anus;
  • Swelling or prolapse (“externalization” of the rectum);
  • Itches;
  • Transit disorders;
  • Continence disorders;
  • The presence of oozing

The most common condition encountered in proctology in France is hemorrhoid disease, more commonly called “hemorrhoids”. It is estimated that about 10 to 15% of adults may be affected by this problem, which causes severe pain ( ), itching and bleeding in the anus. Involved: the abnormal dilation of veins called hemorrhoids, in the anus and rectum.

Hemorrhoid disease is particularly common:

  • After age 50 (up to one in two)
  • In case of chronic constipation;
  • In pregnant women or women who have just given birth.

When to consult a proctologist in France

In addition to hemorrhoids, many conditions can cause disorders or pain in the anus and rectum, including:

  • Tumors (benign or malignant) of the anus and rectum;
  • Inflammation of the rectum
  • An anal fissure or other ano-perineal lesions;
  • Rectal prolapse;
  • Dermatoses (diseases of the skin and mucous membranes);
  • Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Sexually transmitted infections.

Although anus-rectal pathologies can affect everyone, there are some recognized risk factors, including:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Chronic constipation;
  • Sexually transmitted anus-rectal diseases.

What does the proctologist in France do?

To reach a diagnosis and identify the origin of the disorders, the proctologist:

  • They question their patient
  • They perform anus-rectal examination (digital rectal examination, anoscopy, rectoscopy);
  • They may have to recourse examinations: endoscopy, biopsy to detect colorectal cancer.).

Depending on the problem and the treatment to be provided, the proctologist may use various complementary tests, such as:

  • Visual examination with an anoscope or rectoscope;
  • Touch and palpation;
  • Functional rectal explorations (anus-rectal manometry, electromyography, defecography)
  • Imaging examinations (CT scan, endoscopic ultrasound, colonoscopy)
  • Blood or local samples (especially to diagnose a sexually transmitted infection).

What are the risks during the consultation?

The consultation with a proctologist does not involve particular risks for the patient. However, the examination of this region is often badly lived, since it is uncomfortable and concerns an intimate area, even taboo. It is important to establish a relationship of trust with your doctor and to ask the necessary questions to understand the process of the examination.

Salary of Proctologist in France

The professional of this trade is among the highest paid practitioners in the field of medicine. Their annual salary can reach 120,000 euros. This corresponds to the first two years of practice. But, over the years, they can easily earn more than that amount. It is possible to notice that a proctologist is well paid compared to other practitioners. When we take for example general practitioners, they can earn nearly 82,020 euros per year. The reason is simple. Proctologists undergo training as surgeons. Surgeons generally earn higher than other doctors.

Job Evolution or opportunities for Proctologists in France

The specialist can in the exercise of his profession work in the public sector as independent proctologist. They can therefore be employed in a hospital or a private clinic. He also has the opportunity to open his own medical office. New research and knowledge have broadened the practitioner’s field of activity. Knowledge about colon cancer for example is likely to offer more career opportunities for specialists. Today, the percentage of surgeons in proctology is relatively small. While the diseases that require their interventions continue to rage. Proctologists in France are therefore very much in demand. In addition, they can work closely with urologists. Moreover, like any other professional in the medical field, job prospects are considered pretty okay for the years to come.

The state of Proctologist in France

The specialist who practices in this field of medicine is not recognized in France. They generally represent digestive surgeons or gastroenterologists who, through training, enter this profession. This aspect of things fortunately allows individuals to benefit from support by experienced professionals. But especially since the French state does not recognize these practitioners, there is trouble to apprehend their distribution. Certainly, the proctologist can work at various institutions, especially hospitals or individual firms. But those who want to take advantage of their knowledge in France may find it difficult to locate an address in their locality. Nevertheless, to help you better locate the specialists who work in your area, there are directories. They offer you a list where you choose the one that fits your criteria.

Becoming a Proctologist in France

In the lot of different diseases that can affect the human body are those supported by proctology. When you think about it, it’s not such a devaluing profession as one could imagine. On the contrary, the proctologist is a true specialist without whom life would be harder than it already is. It is part of the body of doctors little in sight, but without whom one would not know what to do or what to do in case of infections in the anus or rectum. Of course, it is important to pay close attention to the profession in order to understand what your practitioner is first and explain how to practice the profession.

It is important to review different points before embarking on this long journey. Indeed, everything starts from the base; since high school context, the future proctologist must make sure to have good grades at school. Of course, this is taken into account when it is a career choice that they have to make since high school. The need for good grades is explained by the fact that they will need it to be accepted into a good establishment. Also, it is recommended to choose while already in high school, classes that emphasize the importance of scientific subjects, especially biology. That helps, moreover, this choice makes it possible to take a certain step ahead in college. It must therefore be said that the decision to become a proctologist is taken from the benches.

Other Criteria

Once assured of one’s choice, they must work for it. For this reason, it is advisable to be a major in biological sciences and in subjects related to science. Those are:

  • Biology
  • Genetic
  • Microbiology

The goal of the future specialist being to make a career in such a body, with their good grades and good results, they guarantee themself a place in a medical school.

Medical School in France and Duration

Once in this category of pledge of profession in the medical profession, it is necessary to work very hard to concretize the wish to be proctologist. The chances of exercising can only be real after the baccalaureate. After this examination, the student will enroll in medicine. It should be noted that during the course, students will do some training time in a hospital (public, if necessary). This will be done under the supervision of other physicians who may have skills in the field and in others as well.

In the beginning, they will not do any specialty, but will follow a training in general medicine like everyone else. Here, the most used expression is “common core”. The aspiring proctologist will thus make a common core of one year in general medicine. In the wake, remember that an average of less than 20% of students in France manages to cross this course. However, nothing is impossible. Once the year in common core passed, the student will have another six years. At the end of the sixth year, students pass the national classifying competitions. These tests provide access to the boarding school. It is important to be well positioned and to have worked well, because according to the rankings at the end of these tests, students will be able to choose their specialty and their place of practice. The proctologist will choose the internship in hepato- enterology. There will be four more years. At the end of these four years, he will obtain a Diploma of Specialized Studies (DES) in Hepato-Gastroenterology.

The last step to be taken will be that of the doctoral thesis. Indeed, to be able to work and wear (with fervor) the title of doctor, the student must support a research thesis. It will be only once all these stages have been passed that the specialist can practice his profession in a hospital and then in his own office if they wish.

Fees taken care of by social security

As with any other medical practitioner, an appointment with the proctologist involves consultation and the administration or use of certain products. For all those who use this practitioner, the big question is about the reimbursement of expenses. Today, the France legislation in force makes it necessary to consult first of all his GP and then be referred to a specialist, in order to benefit from the assistance of social insurance. As for drugs, not all are fully supported. In terms of reimbursement in the proctologist, patients may however have recourse to other alternatives. Even though the profession was not officially recognized in France, the proctologist is a specialist practitioner who has become indispensable. Since treatment costs are inevitable, patients have every interest in finding a solution for reimbursement in the proctologist. As a second resort, in addition to Social Security, you can now choose to join a mutual health insurance or sign an insurance contract. To help you find the different professionals who practice in this field, it is possible to search the web. The latter will put you onto different tracks that may interest you.


Proctologists in France are a grade above the general doctors since they go through the surgeon training and can in some cases be classified as so. The job title has just recently been accepted as a medical specialty and aid the French people greatly since now social insurance will reimburse a greater amount and people will be more willing to consult so as to know what disease they have and so on. As a whole, the job is a tough one in terms of the studies but are pretty rewarding, even for the French people afterwards.

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